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America’s Worst Prison Changed for the Glory of God

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Wow!  This is absolutely incredible.  I pray that this ministry continues to go forth in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more prisoners.

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My friend, how is it with you?

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“That Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain!” Philippians 1:20, 21

Paul’s third all-absorbing desire was to MAGNIFY Christ!

Paul desired to exhibit and exalt Christ!

If he wrote–he wrote of Christ.
If he spoke–he spoke of Christ.
If he suffered–he suffered for Christ.
If he sorrowed–it was because professors dishonored Christ.

Christ was to him dearer than the apple of his eye–and more precious than all things in earth or Heaven! He would live–if he could honor Jesus; or he would die for Him–if that would honor Him more.

He felt his obligation to Christ.
He was inflamed with Christ’s love.
He was a sacrifice on Christ’s altar.
He was a vessel for Christ’s honor.
He would go anywhere, he would do anything–if he might but honor Christ. Heartily he would say, “Let the name of Paul perish, if the name of Christ can be magnified thereby!”

To him Christ was, in fact, all and all. He died for Christ; the honor of Christ was the end for which he laid down his life.

My friend, how is it with you?

Does your heart cry, “Oh, that I could honor Christ!”

Does your life make this impression on others: “That person aims to honor Christ!” 

Is it your daily cry and prayer: “Let Christ be magnified in me, by me, and through me–in life, in death, in time, and forever!”

Oh my soul, let it be my constant desire and prayer–that Jesus, my Jesus, may be magnified by me!

(James Smith, “Paul’s Seven Wishes” 1856)

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You are NOT a Ferrari!

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Are you wobbly?

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History of the Modern Gospel Promo

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