Hunger for His Word

Are you content?

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I think we all could learn something from Roger.  Even in the midst of great trials, we need to look to Christ at what He has done for us.

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Ten Things I Didn’t Understand Before I Was Reformed

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Over at Killer Robot Ninja,  Les has created a list of ten things he didn’t understand before coming to Biblical doctrine.  I’ve gotta say, the list is pretty dead on for myself!  Here’s number 8, you will have to visit the article for the rest of them though.

8. Why We Pray for the Lost

This is something everyone does. We pray for our family and friends to be saved. We say things like “soften their hearts” or “reveal yourself to them”. It’s not something I ever thought about as incosistent with my beliefs, but now I see how strange it was.

If God couldn’t override people’s free will, how could He save them? How could He do anything different than the 100% He was already giving everyone, waiting fo them to make their decision. What does it mean to “soften a heart” other than “do more than You are doing to change their mind”?

Now I can pray fervently for God to override a family member’s sinful will, because I know that it’s their only hope. If God can’t touch our wills, we all go to Hell. God, destroy their will, and MAKE them love You, so they can be saved from Hell!

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Why Homeschool?

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Veronica at “A Quiet Heart” has been blogging about why their family have chosen to homeschool and why homeschooling is the best option.  It’s a must read for anyone who is or wants to be a parent someday.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

If our goal is to raise children, and ultimately, adults who walk with God, who love Christ, who rightly obey and apply Scripture, then we cannot, in good conscience, turn over the discipline and training of their minds (which was entrusted to us, as parents) to a system that is, not just innocuously non-Christian, but blatantly anti-Christian.

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Prideful Men Will go to Hell – Tim Conway

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One Sin Will Destroy You – Bob Jennings

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God is Light – Bob Jennings

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Don’t be deceived – Bob Jennings

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