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What’s wrong with this?

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Today I received an email from a popular “Christian” bookstore. While I was reading it I noticed something major that is missing from the email. This book store is promoting mission trips to different parts of the country to places outside of the country.

So, tell me. What do you think is wrong with this advertisement?

Start the year off right by putting your faith into action.

The New Year is upon us, and [company name removed] has big plans for doing some seriously good works around the globe. And there’s still time for you, your family or small group to join us for one of our exciting trips, even in February!

Take off on February 21st for a five-day adventure in the mountain town of Chichicastenango, Guatemala. The experience of helping to build homes for widows and orphans will be unforgettable – and so will the exhilarating zip-line ride over Lake Atitlan. Or head out on our six-day journey to the Dominican Republic’s oldest city of Santo Domingo, departing on February 28th. Here you will have the chance to improve an orphanage, school or clinic, and to take a thrilling rafting trip down the Yaque del Norte River.

While these are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to serve Him by serving others, this isn’t our first time around these parts. Our team leaders have eight years of experience guiding missions, so we’ll take care of the details while you focus on enjoying your adventure.

Make this the year you answer the call and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Become a [name removed].

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Are You Clothed With Power?

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Think by John Piper [Book Review]

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Think by John PiperFor the last couple of months I have been (very) slowly reading Think by John Piper, which I received for free from Crossway in exchange for an honest review.  This book has truly been an amazing book.  It really delves deep into a lot of the problems of professing Christianity today.  It seems like more and more people are losing the purpose of and importance of thinking when it comes to Christianity.

This book details why every Christian should be deeply involved in thinking and the importance of that thinking.  And without thinking…  Well, then there is no way of knowing God.

I have really enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to everyone.  I look forward to reading more of John Piper’s work.  Here’s a couple of quotes from the book to whet your appetite for more from this book.

The ultimate goal of life is that God be displayed as glorious because of all that He is and all that He has made and done–especially the grace He has shown in the work of Christ.  The way we glorify Him is by knowing Him truly, by treasuring Him above all things, and by living in a way that shows He is our supreme treasure (see Phil. 1:20-21, 23; 3:8).

Therefore, the main reason God has given us minds is that we might seek out and find all the reasons that exist for treasuring Him in all things and above all things. He created the world so that through it and above it we might treasure Him.  The more we see of His surpassing greatness and knowledge and wisdom and power and justice and wrath and mercy and patience and goodness and grace and love, the more we will treasure Him.  And the more we treasure Him, the more he is consciously and joyfully glorified.  The point of this book is that thinking is a God-given means to that end. (pp. 15-16; Think by John Piper)

Two passages of Scripture provide the main point of this book.  The first is 2 Timothy 2:7, where Paul says to Timothy, “Think over what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.”  The command is that he think, consider, use his mind to try to understand what he means.  And the reason Paul gives for this thinking is this: “For the Lord will give you understanding.”  Paul does not put these in tension: thinking on one side and receiving the gift of understanding from God on the other side.  They go together.  Thinking is essential on the path to understanding.  But understanding is a gift of God.  That’s the point of this book. (pg. 30; Think by John Piper)

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Can We Trust the Bible?

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All this Jewelry

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Those bright constellations–Christ created them.
Those burning suns–Christ kindled them.
Those snow wreathed alps, those cloud capped mountains–Christ raised them.
Those verdant valleys–Christ spread them.
That blushing rose,
that graceful lily,
that exquisite fern,
that curious sea flower tossed upon the shore,
that wayside violet that screens the dew drop from the sun,
that winding stream,
that leafy grove–
Christ formed and penciled them all.

Yes, Christ is the one who…
clad that magnificent landscape with its robe of living green;
scented the air with its fragrance, and
hollowed out the depth of that expansive ocean, dimpled with beauty by the gentle breeze–or awesome in its grandeur, when trod by the storm.

Truly, He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Oh! I delight to see the Incarnate God, who died to save–scattering from the opulence of His own boundless resources–all this jewelry; making man’s sinful home so rich, so lovely, so attractive!

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Paul Washer’s Dialogue with a Confused Christian

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