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MacArthur Study Bible ESV Contest

Posted by on Jun 21, 2011 in John MacArthur, News | 2 comments

The contest is over and Dustin Ranem is the winner!  He will be receiving his prize shortly.  Enjoy!

In light of releasing my first app to the iOS App Store, I decided to celebrate by giving away one copy of MacArthur Study Bible ESV to one blessed winner. The contest ends July 31, 2011.

Amazon Product Description:

The ESV MacArthur Study Bible is an essential resource for growing Christians. It can transform your personal time in God’s Word by clarifying difficult passages, bringing unseen cultural and historical details to life, and helping you understand and apply biblical truth.

  • Complete ESV Bible text
  • Nearly 25,000 explanatory notes from Dr. John MacArthur
  • Bible text in 8.5 point type, 7.5 point study notes
  • More than 140 two-color maps, charts, timelines, and illustrations
  • Complete introductions to each Bible book
  • Concise articles on How We Got the Bible and Introduction to the Bible
  • 80,000 cross-references
  • An extensive concordance
  • A section of full-color maps
  • Bible reading plans
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Bible Bookmarks

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Notice: Bible Bookmarks is no longer available on the app store indefinitely, nor will I continue to support the app.

Bible Bookmarks is an easy-to-use iOS application that will allow you to keep track of where you are at in Bible reading systems.

One of the problems I find with most Bible reading systems (and the apps for them) is that they are calendar based. I know too many people, including myself, who have given up on their system because they fell behind and needed to do double or even triple duty to catch up only to exhaust themselves. Eventually quitting the system all-together because they’re too discouraged.

Bible Bookmarks helps fix that problem. It throws the calendar away in favor of a day-based system (Day 1, 2, 3 etc) and doesn’t look back. If you miss a day or two… Well, as Grant Horner once said: “Get over it, then keep going.” So don’t be discouraged because you’re 2+ days behind, just continue on and enjoy digging deeper the Word of God!

Supported Bible Reading Plans

  • Grant Horner
  • M’Cheyne (Personal and Family versions)
  • Chronological

If you’d like to request a Bible reading plan or new features, feel free to email me at

New in 2.0

  • App design/layout updated
  • Support for multiple users added
  • New Bible reading plans: M’Cheyne (Personal and family) and Chronological
  • Swipe left and right while viewing list detail to navigate lists
  • ESV Bible App support

New in 1.1 and 1.2

  • Drastically improved initial startup time
  • List detail view is easier to use
  • List detail settings completely redone
  • New icon that doesn’t make your eyes bleed!
  • Landscape toggle setting
  • Simple list toggle (No more viewing all the information you don’t need to see!)
  • Pull down to advance in the lists.
  • Main settings have been completely redone.
  • Various bug fixes

Coming Soon:

  • Further refinement throughout Bible Bookmarks
  • Reading online will contain more features
  • More VoiceOver refinements
  • Native iPad support


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The Power of Christ Towards His People

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It is a blessed and comfortable thought, that all this almighty power of our Lord Jesus Christ is engaged on behalf of His believing people. He has undertaken to save every one of them to the uttermost, and He is “mighty to save.” The trials of His people are often many and great. The devil never ceases to make war against them. The rulers of this world frequently persecute them. The very heads of the Church, who ought to be tender shepherds, are often bitterly opposed to the truth as it is in Jesus. Yet, notwithstanding all this, Christ’s people shall never be entirely forsaken. Though severely harassed, they shall not be destroyed. Though cast down, they shall not be cast away. At the darkest time let true Christians rest in the thought, that greater is He who is for them than all those who are against them.

~ J.C. Ryle

Expository Thoughts on the Gospels: Luke volume 1, [Carlisle, PA:Banner of Truth, 1986], 264. {Luke 8:22-25}

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America’s Worst Prison Changed for the Glory of God

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Wow!  This is absolutely incredible.  I pray that this ministry continues to go forth in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more prisoners.

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My friend, how is it with you?

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“That Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain!” Philippians 1:20, 21

Paul’s third all-absorbing desire was to MAGNIFY Christ!

Paul desired to exhibit and exalt Christ!

If he wrote–he wrote of Christ.
If he spoke–he spoke of Christ.
If he suffered–he suffered for Christ.
If he sorrowed–it was because professors dishonored Christ.

Christ was to him dearer than the apple of his eye–and more precious than all things in earth or Heaven! He would live–if he could honor Jesus; or he would die for Him–if that would honor Him more.

He felt his obligation to Christ.
He was inflamed with Christ’s love.
He was a sacrifice on Christ’s altar.
He was a vessel for Christ’s honor.
He would go anywhere, he would do anything–if he might but honor Christ. Heartily he would say, “Let the name of Paul perish, if the name of Christ can be magnified thereby!”

To him Christ was, in fact, all and all. He died for Christ; the honor of Christ was the end for which he laid down his life.

My friend, how is it with you?

Does your heart cry, “Oh, that I could honor Christ!”

Does your life make this impression on others: “That person aims to honor Christ!” 

Is it your daily cry and prayer: “Let Christ be magnified in me, by me, and through me–in life, in death, in time, and forever!”

Oh my soul, let it be my constant desire and prayer–that Jesus, my Jesus, may be magnified by me!

(James Smith, “Paul’s Seven Wishes” 1856)

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