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The Beauty of Jesus Christ

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It is God whom we must please!

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I was chosen by God,
I was set called by God,
I was set apart by God,
I was saved by God,
I was redeemed by God,
I was commissioned by God,
I was enlightened by God,
I was instructed by God,
I was appointed by God,
I was empowered by God,
I was directed by God,
Why on earth would I suddenly seek to please men?

In the last day it will be God before whom we stand. We will be judged not by men, nor by angels, but by God! And we will be either be rewarded or passed over by God! It is God whom we must please. And there is only one message that pleases God. And it is the Gospel of God; salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

Shepherds’ Conference 2009: Pulpit Highlight (Steve Lawson)

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What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert

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Greg Gilbert’s book, What is the Gospel? is free in the iBook store and Kindle this month!  I hear it’s an amazing book, I’m just now starting it. 🙂

Thanks Humanitas Remedium

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